Where does Project Flying Elephant (PFE) take place?

PFE calls Berlin, Germany, its hometown.


What is PFE’s focus?

PFE supports tech-focused teams in different stages. We are interested in products and services that empower businesses and consumers. You can have either just an idea, a prototype or already an up-and-running company with first angel money invested in.


How does PFE help and support the teams?

First of all we invest 25.000€ or 50.000€ in return for equity. On top of that here is a list how we are able to provide valuable add-ons for you:

  • Office space (incl. internet, meeting room, coffee/tea etc.) for either 3 or 6 months
  • A broad network to find key employees, future investors and potential customers
  • Services from our partners ranging from software services, advise in law and workshops from experts in fields like BizDev, PR, Sales, Marketing, Fundraising and so on

We want you to focus on building an awesome product. That’s why we want to help you with everything business related and minimize your workload in that field!


Is it a dealbreaker if we aren’t incorporated yet?

Not at all. We help you to set up an UG or GmbH in Germany.


Is there going to be a Flying Elephant in the office?

Yes. We hope it’ll be you! We know it will be difficult to make something new fly, but we think that we can pull it off together.

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